From: Diego Gomes (
Date: Thu May 02 2024 - 10:01:42 CDT

Can you check if disabling OSPRAY will resolve the issue?

Create a new Environment Variable for VMDNOOSPRAY with value 1

Here's how to do it in Windows 11.;!!DZ3fjg!4cYEfJhLXU57zoToCEEAeJDjQNUAanT88QNk4KhqBA9XyXyYQwvoBe8nedEDyxRna5HnD5XXv06jUujAV6KK$


On Wed, Apr 17, 2024 at 8:27 AM Lohry, David Patrick <>

> Windows version VMD 1.9.4a51 was available after logging into the
> download page. That version seems to have resolved the random crashing that
> I experienced with 1.9.4a53. I will continue to use it and test it out.
> Thank you!
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> Hi David, a53 crashes when trying to use GPU Optix. a51 work for optix
> though. I don't think a51 is on the site anymore though. From memory CPU
> Optix might work in a53? But it's probably too slow and you might need to
> find new setting to achieve same results as gpu Optix.
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> On Apr 16, 2024 4:46 PM, "Lohry, David Patrick" <>
> wrote:
> Hello,
> I find that VMD 1.9.4a53 crashes frequently on Windows 11. I use VMD to
> review trajectory files from MD simulations (using DCD file format and
> PARM7 file formats). It seems to crash at random times. There is no one
> particular action that seems to cause it. It seems like I can click on a
> button the wrong way and it will crash. Other times, I feel like I get a
> good run out of it, then it crashes. In the mailing list, there was a
> suggestion to set the Windows Environment Variable VMDNOOSPRAY to 1. I did
> that and restarted the computer but that did not solve the issue.
> These issues do not seem to occur in Windows 1.9.3 however I need to make
> many high quality renders and I'm interested in the faster render options
> in 1.9.4alpha such as Tachyon Optix renderer which is only available in the
> Windows 1.9.4alpha native version (and not via WSL due to lack of NVIDIA
> Optix in the WSL driver)
> I did run the Linux version vmd-1.9.4a57 under WSL (without Optix) and
> during a shorter run it didn't seem to crash. However, there does not seem
> to be a pre-compiled Windows versions 1.9.4a57.
> Is there a chance that there are bug fixes between 1.9.4a53 and 1.9.4a57
> that the Windows version could benefit from? If so, is there a way to get
> the latest version compiled?
> Thank you!
> David

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