From: Roozbeh (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2024 - 20:17:28 CDT

I wish to launch vmd 1.9.4 on my laptop with a RTX4060 gpu. linux version
is ubuntu 20.04.6 installed via wsl on a win11 os. The cuda version is 12.0
and the gpu driver is uptodate.

When i install vmd in my linux envirenment It goes smoothly. When i launch
it, howevere, it is not functional. More specifically non of the extention
menues work when i open them. e.g when i open molefacture , its main window
pop up correctly but then non of its tabs work i.e when i click on them
nothing happens or just an error message window is shown citing no specific
reason for the error. I tried autopsf and also forcefield tool kit and both
had the same problem so i assume its a general problem non-specific to the
plugin or extention package launched.

Ps. I also tried to install vmd1.9.4 on my windows11 os ,instead of
installing it on wsl ubuntu, using windows specific files provided on vmd
download page but this time i got an error during the installation in the
first place. Also vmd1.9.3 is not supportive of what i intend to do in vmd
so it has to be vmd1.9.4 , which means i am stuck altogether.
I appreciate any helpful insights,
Kind rgrds