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Date: Tue Oct 31 2023 - 16:44:58 CDT


It is highly unlikely that your local drivers have anything to do with your problem.

When X forwarding is used, the frames are rendered on the remote server and then passed through the SSH tunnel via the glx protocol.

A quick sanity check will be running glxgears​ under ssh -X -vvv​ to see if X11 forwarding is enabled on both the server and the client.

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Subject: vmd-l: VMD openGL over ssh from a server with NVIDIA

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I would like to ask other VMD users about their experience starting a
remote session with VMD where the openGL window is forwarded through the
X11/X.Org server by using `ssh -X`. My question is specifically when the
server where VMD is started from has a NVIDIA video card with the
proprietary drivers installed.

In my situation, the server runs openSUSE 13.2 with NVIDIA Quadro K620 and
driver version 375. In the past, I was able to ssh from a client, which
had a Intel or AMD graphics card and start a VMD session remotely. This
worked at least up until openSUSE 12.x. But now I have upgraded a laptop
with AMD video card to openSUSE 15.2 and a desktop with integrated intel
to openSUSE 15.4 and I am no longer able to open a remote VMD session from
the server that runs openSUSE 13.2 with NVIDIA and proprietary drivers.
The error message that I get is:

XRequest.152: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) 0x0
ERROR) Could not create OpenGL rendering context-> Exiting...

I wonder whether something has changed in the configuration of the X.Org
server that is hindering opening a remote openGL session from a server
with propretary NVDIA drivers installed. I am considering adding a
discrete NVIDIA video card and installing the proprietary drivers to the
desktop to see whether this makes opening a remote VMD session possible
again. (I tried with an older NVIDIA video card with nouveau but that also
generates the error, so it may really need the proprietary NVIDIA drivers,
which requires installing a newer video card).

But before I try, I wanted to ask whether anybody is able to open a remote
VMD window from a server that has NVIDIA with the proprietary drivers to a
client that also has a NVIDIA video card with proprietary drivers
installed when the client has a recent Linux installation, e.g., probably
starting with Linux kernel 5.x. Any experience shared about this would be
greatly appreciated.



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