From: Juan R. Perilla (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2023 - 08:37:45 CDT

Dear Colleagues,
I wanted to let you know of two positions for postdoctoral researchers as
part of the Computational Core of the Pittsburgh Center for HIV protein
interactions. The primary function of these positions is to conduct
research regarding the molecular dynamics of the HIV virus as part of the
computational core of the Pittsburgh Center for HIV Protein Interactions (;!!DZ3fjg!_lf9fitcdiuVV1XtW0nLmnFSuzMY3LR5-jLVDYEl_2ux32VLqZm9oyeoYYsrvvU_HxdFXJ3cRtdz0Yc_VLhS$ ) led by Prof. Juan R. Perilla (;!!DZ3fjg!_lf9fitcdiuVV1XtW0nLmnFSuzMY3LR5-jLVDYEl_2ux32VLqZm9oyeoYYsrvvU_HxdFXJ3cRtdz0ebVhOYC$ ). The U.S. National Institutes of
Health-funded projects are focused on the design, development, and
execution of computer simulations of systems related to different
replication stages of the HIV virus.

Application site:;!!DZ3fjg!_lf9fitcdiuVV1XtW0nLmnFSuzMY3LR5-jLVDYEl_2ux32VLqZm9oyeoYYsrvvU_HxdFXJ3cRtdz0YllXSKI$

Preference will be given to applications with expertise in 1) protein
dynamics; 2) molecular dynamics simulations; and 3) high-performance
computing environments. Prior programming experience is preferred but not
required. The postdoctoral scientist will design, perform, and develop new
scientific tools for the analysis of long-time and/or large-scale molecular
dynamics simulations in collaboration with the PI.

*The postdoctoral scientist will also collaborate with molecular and
structural biologists, and virologists as a member of the PCHPI center.*
The selected candidate will participate in the development, testing and
implementation of novel computational methods that incorporate experimental
data; *in-residence collaboration in PCHPI groups (including cryoEM/ET,
solid-state NMR, solution MR and X-ray crystallography)*; the preparation
of technical reports and peer-reviewed publications; and the dissemination
of project results at professional meetings.

I would appreciate it if you could forward this email to anyone who might
be interested.

Thanks in advance,

Juan R. Perilla
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Delaware;!!DZ3fjg!_lf9fitcdiuVV1XtW0nLmnFSuzMY3LR5-jLVDYEl_2ux32VLqZm9oyeoYYsrvvU_HxdFXJ3cRtdz0ebVhOYC$