From: Robin Betz (
Date: Sun Apr 11 2021 - 23:18:38 CDT

If you want more control over rendering than the slider options offer, you
can write your own OpenGL shaders to render however you want. I managed to
get a reasonable cartoon style if you want to try that:;!!DZ3fjg!smwJ7RLmj_QbJa065cRXvCGrggqrzFOn8Ww1xYc4JzrTWZpeiO65cqpzfbovBH2yOA$


On Sun, Apr 11, 2021, 8:01 PM Mcguire, Kelly <> wrote:

> I am trying out the outline setting in the materials window to make my
> rendering look more cel-shaded. I am would like to have a strong outline
> on the new cartoon representation, and t almost looks the way I want it
> to. I turn the outline slider to a maximum of 4, but the outline is still
> quite thin. I use the outline width, but it increases the shading more
> than I want. I have a attached what I have done with my settings and an
> example of what I want from Chimera. Yes, I could just use Chimera, but
> I'd like to get this to work in VMD as well. Is there a way to increase
> just the outline setting (not the outline width slider) beyond a maximum of
> 4 to look as thick as the Chimera example but without the thick shading
> that the outline width slider creates in my VMD example? Thanks!
> <;!!DZ3fjg!p8MzcHiT9fvQZCnGb4jxF9nMIeJ2zD2xNF30QByNmkRZIoPB3l62xvpdmnGt8-3wDA$>
> <;!!DZ3fjg!p8MzcHiT9fvQZCnGb4jxF9nMIeJ2zD2xNF30QByNmkRZIoPB3l62xvpdmnFWLU2X6A$>
> <;!!DZ3fjg!p8MzcHiT9fvQZCnGb4jxF9nMIeJ2zD2xNF30QByNmkRZIoPB3l62xvpdmnGxrUa8tA$>
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