From: René Hafner TUK (
Date: Thu Mar 04 2021 - 14:21:27 CST

Dear VMD developers,

    I would like to able to have my colvar files using "customFunction"
    being parsed by VMD colvars cv_dashboard.

    I succesfully compiled VMD 1.9.4. alpha51 using the provided

    + source code on the website

    + plugins

    + lepton files from;!!DZ3fjg!qZVLzfQlbkaM4vcGDznkmngKT53QGhjghQ5MwpFCsMyhvXSok4eQTirXp7zbwVFieg$

    +patches for c++11 and lepton from;!!DZ3fjg!qZVLzfQlbkaM4vcGDznkmngKT53QGhjghQ5MwpFCsMyhvXSok4eQTirXp7wypfAkUg$

    As far as I understood only lepton support (which requires C++11 for
    VMD, therefore the patches) was missing to support this feature.

    What am I missing here?

Kind regards


Dipl.-Phys. René Hafner
TU Kaiserslautern