From: Edgar Galicia (
Date: Mon Jan 18 2021 - 11:58:43 CST

Dear users,

I want to use the eye_vector variable from the clipping tool to cut some mols but I’m having problems. I already tried to source the cliptool1.0 package from the same script and from the .vmdrc file without success. If I run as a first instruction

set dir /home/edgargalicia/local/vmd/lib/plugins/noarch/tcl/cliptool1.0
source $dir/pkgIndex.tcl
package require cliptool

it gives me a good value

0.0 0.0 -1.0

But after the statement mol new … I got

can't read "whichclip": no such variable

Using the GUI is quite easy to hit the normal follows view toggle but I am running a tcl script and that is not an option. Can you help me to extract the eye_vector?

Best regards,
Edgar G.
Edgar Galicia-Andrés, PhD
Institute of Molecular Modeling and Simulation
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Muthgasse 18/VI-54
A-1190 Vienna, Austria