Date: Wed Dec 30 2020 - 01:15:40 CST

 You can use CHARMM-GUI also to search charmm library for your molecule, it can also show u a similar molecule available in charmm library, if at all it is available.;!!DZ3fjg!uL4ymKULNRdcg0qxz2qLVtp7cbFanc00z7ydnHFjbisnxVv0uOWhhSfNmt6Bv0vtLw$

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Subject: vmd-l: CHARMM parameters for ADP-ribosylated arginine?

Hi mailing list,

Is there a way I could parameterize ADP-ribosylated arginine (preferably in CHARMM)? I have seen tutorials for parameterizing ligands, but this is more complicated since it will be a modification to a standard residue, right?

Could I get away with trying to combine ADP and arginine parameters by analogy? Any advice is appreciated!

Harper Smith