From: Jason Smith (
Date: Fri Dec 18 2020 - 12:01:59 CST

Hi John,

not a problem for me at all. I can understand (given that you mentioned working on 64-bit a decade ago...) how difficult this process is. I'm not sure whether a simple band-aid going forward might be to have a splash screen at installation time with list of known bugs? Or perhaps people will still ask for things to be fixed yesterday...

Anyway, from a learning and teaching perspective, and from a 'get science out of the old-boys club' perspective, I'm really excited to see some more windows based functionality in the community. I've had undergrads who didn't understand the difference between save and save-as, so anything I can do to teach them science instead of linux eccentricities is a bonus. VMD provides a great balance between GUI and console-based operations and is a great teaching aid. I'm having a lot of fun playing with the RT stuff right now. I think I might set an assignment one day for who can make the most attractive and most informative movies. Great work John, and have a great holidays--_000_8adc3b890da6466f808f54a4f213a8f2sfuca_--