Date: Tue Aug 03 2004 - 11:02:09 CDT

Here is some info on a new project that may be interesting to some of your users.

>> ProgPorts <<
>> Project Description <<

        ProgPorts provides a robust method for the adminstration and use of
        the many computer programs that are interesting to protein scientists
        in such disciplines as Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Molecular Dynamics
        and Energetics, Protein Crystallography, and Nuclear Magnetic
        Resonsance. Many of these programs are difficult to install and they
        often have complex user interfaces, but our system provides a simple
        command-line interface to setup the user enviroment in order to use
        the programs. The GNU-Darwin ports and packaging system has been
        adapted to ease the administrative burden for the hundreds of supported
        programs, and to provide for consistency of installation and continuity
        in the user experience. The installed base and package management
        system is self-contained in a /prog directory, and software
        installation occurs in /prog/ports. ProgPorts is an elegant system to
        provide software to demanding scientists so that the programs "just
        work", even when the software version changes. GNU/Linux and IRIX are
        fully supported, and development for OpenBSD and Darwin OS is underway.

>> Project status <<

        Although the system has been in active use for years at Johns Hopkins
        School of Medicine, we are stuggling to create a release version, so we
        are still in alpha pre-release status. If you would like to check out
        our progress or help out, use CVS.

>> Project Links <<

        SourceForge home
        CVS web archive
        Email forum

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