From: FX (
Date: Sat Apr 25 2020 - 08:25:09 CDT

Hi John,

> I've posted another updated test build which adds
> the Intel OSPRay ray tracing engine, corrects STRIDE,
> QwikMD and a few other plugins, and includes a variety
> of other updates, as well as the nice new icons.

Thanks for the new build. I can confirm a lot of the issues are fixed, except:

1. It’s still missing an open-babel binary
2. Some extensions, like clonerep, fail with:

ERROR) Creation of window for 'clonerep' failed (cannot use geometry manager grid inside .clonerepgui which already has slaves managed by pack).

I think I reported it before, with my own build, but my email is not archived on the vmd-l list, so maybe it didn’t go through?