From: Stefan Boresch (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2019 - 01:59:17 CST


first, I tried searching the mailing list archive, but I cannot
get the sorted indices (by date, thread ..); only the raw messages.

Now the real question/problem:

I am just running a small course in which, among other
software, we use vmd-1.9.4a38 (Linux 64bit optix etc). When starting
up, the Optix Diskcache is place in /var/tmp/OptixCache, owned by
$USER.$GROUP and 750 permissions. This cache file never gets removed,
so even though user A quits vmd, logs out, a later user B when
staring up vmd only sees the error message that no Optix context
could be created.

According to the Optix manual, the default location (under Linux)
for the cache should be /var/tmp/OptixCache_$USER which would
already solve the problem (though I'd still prefer if vmd cleaned up
after itself and not rely on /var/tmp being cleaned upon reboot, which,
fortunately, is a rare event). The manual also lists an environment
variable to override this, but upon a quick check this had/has no
effect on vmd's behavior.

Or am I missing something (as I said I seem not to be able to
search/skim the mailing list archive at the moment)?