From: FX (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2019 - 07:14:24 CST


If anyone is interested to test it and report issues/bugs, here is my current “best effort” build for macOS Catalina with new features enabled:

- Retina display support (and it looks really good!)
- Command line editing (you can use arrows in the console to go back to previous commands, etc)
- Fixed icon so it’s perfectly crisp on Retina displays

The build is available at:
The icon file, in case someone wants it:

Know issue:
- When resizing the window, it will become red until you perform any further action (click inside or rotate the structure).

Please report any issue, so I can get them fixed.


Dr. François-Xavier Coudert
Senior Researcher / Directeur de Recherche
CNRS, PSL University, Chimie ParisTech