From: Peter van Heusden (
Date: Mon Sep 30 2019 - 07:53:15 CDT

Hi there

Reading the VMD User Guide I see reference to:

VMDOPTIXDOMEMASTER This environment variable allows the user to forcibly
override the currently active VMD 3-D projection mode (only
``Orthographic'' or ``Perspective'' are currently implemented in the
OpenGL-based renderer), allowing the OptiX ray tracer to generate
hemispherical images for so-called ``fulldome'' projection systems such as
those typically used in digital planetariums.

And from previous release notes I see 1.9.4. alpha added "Added special
shader modifications used for the final dome master renderings for the NSF
CADENS "Birth of Planet Earth" fulldome movie."

I would like to get VMD working with a planetarium where the dome has 6
projectors powered by 12 Nvidia Quadro P6000 cards (all connected together
via Quadro Sync cards I think). Is this possible? If so how is this

(P.S. the "master" that we use to control the dome runs Windows 10)