From: Thomas Sommerfeld (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2019 - 09:26:14 CDT

OK, I admit, not so much a question, more a wish for a feature in the next

If I color a volume, say a density, using the color method "volume", I have
the choice between 12 colormaps. The graphics look great, but all 12
colormaps are "dividing" (intended for some -a ... a range).

What I need currently, and I should think would be useful in general, is

(1) uniform colormaps, such as viridis or plasma (for ranges 0 ... a),
because my property may be an absolute value.

(2) cyclic colormaps, such as hsv (for ranges 0 ... 2*pi), to map phases,
molecules in magnetic fields, or just to draw psi_211 for PCHEM class.

(3) colormaps like jet or rainbow, because I know many people who prefer
them over (1) or (2) for some reason. Well I use them myself for pH, but
not for volumes.

Thanks for considering,