From: Korey R (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2019 - 10:46:00 CST

Dear fellow VMD users,

I am using VMD, version 1.9.3 (precompiled binary), under Fedora 29 w/
OpenCL on an intel i7 4770HQ with intel graphics and am trying to render a
figure using clipping planes slicing through a mass-density volume map
produced using the volmap tool. I have followed the VMD clipping plane
tutorial (Tutorial 1.6: Clipping planes). I followed each step verbatim
(excluding one: Clicking "Keep Aligned with Screen," which I was unable to
find within the clipping plane tool or within any menu of my installed
version VMD on my workstation. After following the tutorial I can see the
three volumes over-layed on each other with empty space in the most inner
volume (red in this case from the tutorial). Instead of POV-ray rendering a
volume equivalent the clipping plane surface is solid grey and lacks any
recognizable depth (see attached figure or from the link here
I want to render my clipping planes such that they show contour as in the
tutorial, what might I be doing incorrectly and where do I find the "Keep
Aligned with Screen" ?

Thank you for your help,