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Date: Thu Feb 21 2019 - 10:02:31 CST

Hi Anthony,


I have had an Nvidia Quadro 4000 graphics card plus an Nvidia 3D Vision 2 kit plugged to a BenQ 3D monitor for several years now and it works pretty well: I can get quadbuffered 3D stereo on my workstation running OpenSuse linux with vmd, pymol and other commercial visualizers (Maestro, Discovery Studio,..), with no problems at all.


If you want to go for this, you should make sure you get an Nvidia 3D Vision kit that includes the IR emitter plus the glasses, since some sellers sell just the glasses as if they were the full kit.


You should also be careful with the graphics card you get: if you want 3D stereo on linux, it must be a Quadro card, GTX class cards do not support stereo on linux, afaik (this used to be true some time ago, but I am not sure if somebody has already found some way to achieve it). On the other hand, GTX cards on windows can do 3D for gaming but I do not think they can do quadbuffered stero with vmd or other modeling software.


I also had to get an Nvidia 3D Stero bracket with a 3 pin mini-DIN connector that goes attached to the graphics card and to the IR emitter. You may have to look for this too, although I do not know if modern Quadro cards still need it.


Finally, configuring your graphics driver to use 3D stereo requires some work, but it is not difficult, just tweaking a bit the xorg.conf file.


Best luck,







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Hi Everyone,


Any new information related to 3d visualization?
There is a wiki page for this? because all the threads on the mailing list seem old and for the newest, there are no answers.






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Hi Everyone,


Recently, our research group acquired a new location for our lab that will allow us to build a 3d visualization room. We want to acquire a 3d HDTV (55 or 60 in) for visualization purposes.


We talk about the possibility of using Nvidia 3d vision but Im not sure if is the best option.


Do you have any recommendations for the Tv and the workstation to use with the tv?


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.




Anthony Cruz

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