Date: Wed Aug 15 2018 - 09:26:52 CDT

Dear vmd comunity,

I have made an script to do a userani.tcl animation and I find this
problem. The video plays some frames moving forward in the trajectory,
then there is a section with -noplay (a rotation) and then the
trajectory continues. A part of the code is below and the full script is
attached to the email:

#Kickoff really
   add_section kickoff2 -after kickoff -shiftend 150 -step 1 #no end
means 1 frame + 10%
   add_eval kickoff2 dummy ;

   add_section topview -after kickoff2 -shiftend 150 -noplay
   add_eval topview dummy
   add_userani topview rotate x 90
   add_userani topview FadeTransparency AOChalky2 1.0 0.0 ;

   add_section ShowOs -after topview -shiftend 350 -step 1
   add_eval ShowOs dummy

When the ShowOs section start the trajectory makes a 150 step jump
forward as if the -noplay section had not happened. Is there a way to
solve this? Am I doing something wrong? It seems to make sense that
after a no play section the frame would be the first of the no play

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,

Sergio PĂ©rez-Conesa