From: Vermaas, Joshua (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2018 - 06:02:13 CDT

The external renderer doesn't have depth of field options as far as I'm aware. The source for 0.99b6 is from early 2013, which may be too old for the feature to exist. Another potential problem is using an orthographic projection, for which the depth of field parameter was only recently enabled. If the Internal renderer is giving problems, just set your aperture values via the command line if you've got something close by testing with OptiX on a smaller resolution (display dof_fnumber), as I agree that clicking on the values a bunch of times is not a good use of anyone's time.


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Hi all!

I sent this mail earlier, but I think it got buried in everyone's
holidays. Does anyone who's just come back from their well-earned
holidays and conferences have any insights?


On 09-07-18 16:36, Peter Kroon wrote:
> Hello world!
> I would like to turn a VMD scene into a pretty picture. I want this
> picture to be high resolution (~3315x4000px), and using AO and Depth of
> Field. I have tried the following, continually running into issues:
> 1) Use Tachyon-OptiX: I can't put the desired resolution. If I do, it
> fails immediately with a memory error. See also
> 2) Use Tachyon internal: Creates a super fuzzy picture, probably because
> the meaning of 'Aperture' changed from 'x' to '1/x'.
> 3) Use external Tachyon renderer: If I fix the 'Aperture'; and changing
> FocalDist to FocalLength I *almost* get the picture I want, but it seems
> the FocalLength option is simply ignored (see also
> This
> happens with both 0.98.9 and 0.99b6.
> Does anyone have anything else I can try? I build all the software from
> source, in case it matters.
> Peter