From: McGuire, Kelly (
Date: Sat May 26 2018 - 13:44:20 CDT

Ok, so I ran my first ABF simulation on Amantadine in the influenza A M2 channel following this tutorial:

I set amantdine in the region of the His37 complex with the amine group pointing down. The simulation ran for 5 ns and finished without any errors, and output a .pmf file which I graphed in Excel. So everything seemed to work just fine. But, I did follow this tutorial somewhat blindly while trying to learn how ABF calculations in NAMD work, so not entirely sure if what I did was correct, and the graph wasn't exactly what I expected to see. I've attached my ABF .conf file and file for reference. Sorry for this long question, but I really want to understand what I'm doing and not just blindly follow tutorial instructions!

1) I set the lowerboundary to 0.0 and the upperboundary to 30.0. I set group1 atoms to all of the carbons on the carbon cage of amantadine and the group2 atoms to the nitrogens on the the Val27 residues at the C-terminus of the channel. The lowerwallconstant and upperwallconstant to 10.0. Do I understand correctly that the center of mass of the carbon cage will be pulled in the direction of the Val27 nitrogens for a total distance of 30.0 angstroms and a force constant of 10 kcal/mol/A^2?

Should I maybe have set the drug a distance away from the protein's center of mass and pulled the drug toward that as a better reaction coordinate?

2) After I did all of this, I came across what looks like an older ABF tutorial:

  In this tutorial it mentions creating four ABF windows for the ammonium ABF calculation, and then combine the output files to create a PMF. However, what I did gave me a PMF without merging anything or creating multiple windows. So, should I have created multiple windows like they did in the channel-tut.pdf to get a PMF? Or is the script I used the way to get a PMF without multiple ABF windows?

Thanks for all the help so far!!

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