From: Mahmood Naderan (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2018 - 06:30:24 CST

>what is the output of:
>vmdinfo options
>when typed into the console window?

No such file

mahmood_at_cluster:vmd-1.9.3$ find . -name vmdi*
mahmood_at_cluster:vmd-1.9.3$ ls build/bin/
mahmood_at_cluster:vmd-1.9.3$ ls build/lib
mahmood_at_cluster:vmd-1.9.3$ ls build/lib/vmd/
Announcement doc LICENSE plugins README scripts shaders
vmd_completion.dat vmd_LINUXAMD64

>Clusters mostly do not use VMD with graphical interfaces and only use it in command line.

OK I will try with my local computer (ubuntu) as another try and let
you know the update. Meanwhile if the root of the current problem can
be identified, it will be good.