From: Ruggero Cortini (
Date: Tue Jan 31 2017 - 09:41:50 CST

Hi All,

Thanks to Stefan Kuczera I was able to solve the problem. I'm posting here the answer in case anyone is interested.

Open your file $VMDDIR/plugins/noarch/tcl/vmdtkcon1.1/tkcon-modified.tcl, and add the following lines at line 4186 (just before the comment "## Now make all our virtual event bindings") :

    # in 8.6b3, the virtual events <<NextLine>> and <<PrevLine>>
    # mess up our history feature
    # see
    bind TkConsole <<NextLine>> {}
    bind TkConsole <<PrevLine>> {}

This fixes the problem.

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From: Ruggero Cortini
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 10:36
Subject: tkcon cursors not working

Hi All,

I built VMD 1.9.2 from source on Fedora 23. Unlike the case when I installed VMD from repositories or when I downloaded a binary, my TKConsole does not have working cursor up/down keys, which means I cannot use command history and makes life difficult.

I saw from a few posts that this problem is related to the version of the TKConsole. I see that the version I have is v2.3 (with Tcl8.6.4 / Tk8.6.4), and this problem is apparently fixed for higher versions of tkcon. Is there any way I can upgrade tkcon to have working command history?


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