From: Stefan Boresch (
Date: Mon Nov 28 2016 - 04:35:31 CST


hope this is the right place to ask. I just installed
vmd 1.9.3beta4 specifically to test QwikMD and try to work my way
through tutorial 1 (HIV Protease, M36I mutant).

The first problem arises in step 5 (turning off the visual representation
of waters). I don't get the dropdown menu; instead, when hoovering over
'VDW' or trying to click there, the cursor changes to a pencil (or something
looking like a pencil). However, trying to type has no effect. So, that's
not too grave.

Interestingly, the dropdown window appears as announced for renaming
ACT to acecate (step 10).

However, when attempting the mutation of MET36, the same problem arises.
When clicking on Met36 the line is highlighted in light-blue, but instead
of the dropdown window shown in the tutorial (step 15/16), I get again the
changed pencil-like cursor.

Is anyone else seeing this?

The machine is running Debian 8 ('jessie'), with all updates
installed. I looked a bit in the vmd console window, but I see no
messages / errors. Several volume calculations are carried out, but I
assume this is for the structure checks ..


Stefan Boresch

PS: The vmd I installed is the one precompiled for AMD64/CUDA 7.5/OptiX/..
I presently don't have cuda 7.5 on that machine, so no cuda device is
found and obviously there is no OptiX functionality. All standard
functionality of VMD, however, seems to work fine, so I doubt that
this has anything to do with the QwikMD problems.