From: Jan Janssen (
Date: Wed Nov 09 2016 - 10:59:56 CST


I guess this is not exactly the purpose of VMD, but we try to visualise an Atom Probe Dataset which we converted to *.xyz Format. The dataset consists of 6 million atoms and at least the Mac OS X Version of VMD crashed when trying to load the data, while loading a subset of the file worked fine. 
The question is whether we can compile VMD with special packages to support such large datasets or whether other file formats are more suitable for loading such large datasets. The file size is currently about 2GB. 




Info) Using plugin xyz for structure file /Users/jan/Desktop/
/Applications/VMD line 7: 14731 Segmentation fault: 11  "$p/../Resources/" $*
Saving session...
..copying shared history...
..saving history...truncating history files...

Head of the file: 
Atom probe data 
Al -8.14419269562 -44.8013191223 -14.9069433212
Al -35.179271698 -3.4159450531 -8.59115982056
Al -15.6410989761 -25.2453269958 -5.95746135712
Al 1.84774339199 -44.2051582336 -13.9800004959
Al 6.15377855301 -44.0587081909 -14.1510372162
Al 17.3810424805 -50.0091285706 -21.0890655518
Al -22.3692836761 -40.944026947 -15.7445049286
Al -0.755965948105 -44.747303009 -14.3411016464

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