From: jrhau lung (
Date: Fri Sep 30 2016 - 17:32:37 CDT

Got it, Thanks Ryan.

Ryan McGreevy <> 於 2016年10月1日 星期六寫道:

> You can always save the structure at any time from the "File" menu by
> using "Save Coordinates..." or by making an atom selection and using the
> writepdb command. Also, if you are using the chirality plugin and running
> namd after each correction, you should already have the new pdb in whatever
> directory namd is being run.
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>> Dear VMD-I friends:
>> Probably due to the homology based structure modeling, the outcome
>> protein structure contains many amino acids do not pass the VMD chirality
>> checkup and need to be manually correct them one by one. Is there a way to
>> update the psf and pdb file after several correction steps? Since a crash
>> in the MD structure optimization after chirality correction will make the
>> structure repairment work to be started all over again. Thanks!
>> sincerly,
>> Jrhau