From: Scazzocchio, Claudio (
Date: Sun Jul 17 2016 - 11:46:54 CDT

I am a relatively unsophisticated user of VMD. I encounter the following problem. While using the STAMP alignment, trying to structurally align a downloaded structure and with one modelled in I-Tasser, I get the following message:

The selection in sequence 5c3o was not completely composed of protein residues and can not be aligned by STAMP.
    while executing
"error "The selection in sequence [::SeqData::getName $sequenceID] was not completely composed of $sequenceType residues and can not be aligned by STAM..."

One of the sequences showed a whole load of question marks in the C-terminus, which I removed. It did not help

I had never had that problem before, even when the structure contains ligands.

I could superimpose easily both structures in Magic Fit in Swiss-PD-viewer.

Any ideas?,



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