From: Nuno Sousa Cerqueira (
Date: Tue Jul 12 2016 - 07:13:35 CDT


I am trying to develop a nice GUI that can be used by non-experienced users of VMD to have some control about the atom selection that they do (Please see image. It is the left window)

The plugin can be found at : <>

Image: <>

The idea of this plug-in is to allow the users to make selections more easy on VMD through a tree where the different residues are listed. The new window can be found normally on windows softwares like dsStudio, etc.

Then the users can Edit (Image 2) those selections and the graphical representations will be open where the users will have more resources to change the representation, materials, colours, etc.
I think this sort of GUI should be a good addition to VMD. I will allows unexperienced users to go from easy selections ( through this new plugin) to more complicate selections ( done in the graphics representation window)

Currently the plug-in is working fine, but there is an issue.
In the plug-in when we add a new selection it becomes stored one the “selected items” (image (1)). When it is selected and the edit button is pushed it opens the “Graphical Representation” windows of VMD.
The problem is that when I click on each selection stored on the “selected Items” I am unable to select the same selection on the “Graphical Representation” windows. I searched for the manual of VMD and google it and with no success.

Is there any command that allows to change the active selection of the “Graphical Representation” window ?




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