From: Devanand T (
Date: Tue Jun 07 2016 - 13:07:39 CDT

Hi all,
         I have a variable say "atomsA" in tcl which contains serial
numbers of atoms. My tcl script is like below:

    set ChainA [atomselect 0 "serial 1 to 2645 and name CA" frame 0]
    set ChainB [atomselect 1 "serial 1 to 1261 and name CA" frame 0]
    set contacts [measure contacts 4.0 $ChainA $ChainB]
    set atomsA [lindex $contacts 0]
    set atomsB [lindex $contacts 1]

Now I wanted the corresponding resname and resids. How to extract residue
names and resid from serial numbers (in atomsA variable) in vmd using tcl?


*Devanand T*