From: Laura Joana (
Date: Mon Mar 21 2016 - 08:44:43 CDT

Hello Josh,

I think you are right! In fact "mol new 1DV3" works perfectly! So I'm new
in VMD and the script was not written by me and theoretically it should
work. So I commented a few lines and I discovered the problem is with the
line that calls the atomselect function. Maybe it's a memory problem, but I
have no idea how to confirme that! All I know is that I get segmentation

2016-03-18 19:42 GMT+01:00 Josh Vermaas <>:

> Hi Laura,
> rlwrap is likely not at fault here. You say that VMD runs, right? That
> means you can load a simple pdb file directly right? I get these rlwrap
> warnings on ubuntu too, but usually when I do something silly like run my
> computer out of memory so that VMD is forced to crash. What is the tcl
> script supposed to do? That is the part I'd start investigating. If a
> simple command like: "mol new 1DV3" works, it points the finger at the
> script doing something that will run you out of memory without meaning to--001a1145b62455531b052e8f4e72--