From: Shubham Mishra (
Date: Mon Feb 01 2016 - 01:29:43 CST


I am trying to create a sphere of diameter in nanometers range representing
a nanoparticle in a simulation. I tried graphic tools of VMD and I am
obtaining a sphere as required using sphere command but I am not sure how
to give properties of a particle viz. mass and degrees of freedom.

I need to simulate a nanoparticle covered with a monolayer of polymeric
capping agent and I don't require effect of material properties of
nanoparticle at the current stage. So I don't want to use nanoparticle
builders as mentioned in DISCUS or OpenMD and simulate the nanoparticle as
a macromloecule.

If there is any possible way to achieve this on VMD, if so some insight
would be much appreciated.

Shubham Mishra