From: Eric Smoll (
Date: Fri Aug 28 2015 - 23:15:22 CDT

Hello VMD users,

I have a series of MD-snapshot pdb files that distribute a specific atom
"A" throughout a larger molecular system. I am trying to compare these
snapshots by moving the origin to "A" and rendering the image. I was hoping
each image would show atom "A" in the same location and with the same size.
Unfortunately, they do not.

Reading through the vmd mailing list archive, I found references to the
rotate, center, scale, and global matrices. I attempted to set a good
perspective on a representative pdb snapshot, save these matrices, and hard
code them into my render script. Unfortunately, this does not work as I
intend either.

Is there a way to set the VMD camera to a specific location so all rendered
images draw atom "A" in the same location with the same size?