From: Lai, Jonathan (
Date: Fri Jul 10 2015 - 12:57:10 CDT

Dear Felipe,

I am current working on the Multiseq plugin. I'll take a look this weekend to see what can be done to make the display better.


From: [] on behalf of Felipe Montecinos []
Sent: Friday, July 10, 2015 11:28 AM
Subject: vmd-l: Multiseq display settings

Hi VMD people,

I have two questions for the VMD/Multiseq community:

1. How to change fonts in the multiseq sequence display. The current configuration/settings uses a font that looks very dim, not good.

2. How to color secondary structure representation, by secondary structure element, in the multiseq display.

Finally, the ultimate goal is to make the multiseq window/screenshoot to look good for publication and/or presentations.

 Any suggestions?

PD: I'm not a programmer/robot

Felipe Montecinos F.