From: TUBIANA Thibault CNRS (
Date: Mon Jun 29 2015 - 10:09:52 CDT

Hello everyone.

I try since a few time to connect our haptic arm Phantom Omni to VMD on our Linux distribution (Ubuntu 14.04).
Step by Step I managed to link VRPN to the Phantom (and I tried all software examples : it works).
But now i'm stuck to the final step : connect VMD and VRPN (version 7.33) ..

I configured my .vmdsensors file :
### Sensable PHANTOM via VRPN
device omni vrpntracker://localhost/Omni
scale 10
rot left 0 0 -1 0 1 0 1 0 0
device phantombuttons vrpnbuttons://localhost/Omni
device phantomfeedback vrpnfeedback://localhost/Omni
and my vrpn configuration file :
vrpn_Phantom Omni 0 60.0 omni

But when I launch vrpn_server with VMD, it looks like vmd tried to connect to a wrong device name, i have theses messages :
 VMD ==> (3) from Omni: No response from server for >= 3 seconds
VRPN ==> vrpn: Connection request received from 44104
So VMD is connecting to VRPN but not to the device...

Did someone know how to deal with this issue ?

Thank you very much,


Tubiana Thibault
PhD Student
Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule
CEA-Saclay, Bâtiment 532 - Pce 12A
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette