From: Jeeno Jose (
Date: Wed May 13 2015 - 01:38:25 CDT

Dear all

While I was loading my PSF file which contains 1200 atoms, I got the
following messages:

*psfplugin) Failed to parse segname in PSF file:psfplugin) ' 1146
10 ABC C6 C6 0.000000 15.0344 0'couldn't read atom
1145ERROR) molecule_structure: Unable to read structure for molecule
1ERROR) molecule_structure: severe error indicated by plugin aborting
loading ofmolecule 1*

Whereas, when I tried to load a smaller domain which contains only 960
atoms (everything same w.r.t to the domain of 1200 atoms, just differs in
total number of atoms), it loaded. Is there any limit of 1144 atoms in VMD?
I used to do load 1200 atoms in my previous installations of VMD 1.9.2.

Is there any setting which I should change to resolve this?

Thank you
Jeeno Jose