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Date: Mon May 11 2015 - 02:33:43 CDT

Hi, prof. Baltoumas and all, Thank you very much for the link. But I encounter a problem at the beginning with the tutorial. For the first simple example (the example of 4ake/1ake), I got the psf file, load the mdff package, but after I enter the command:       set sel [atomselect top all]      mdff sim $sel -res 5 -o 4ake-target_autopsf.situs I cound not get the output file 4ake-target_autopsf.situs. The TkConsole did not give any error message, but I just could not find the file in the working directory or VMD directory. I am running VMD in windows 7 system. Coud you help me with that? Thanks!             Yeping Sun Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences------------------------------------------------------------------From:Fotis Baltoumas <>Send Time:2015年5月11日(星期一) 14:23To:孙业平 <>Cc:vmd-l <>Subject:Re: vmd-l: where are the files provided with MDFF TUTORIAL?Hello,You can find all the MDFF tutorial files here:> Dear all,> Could you tell me where are the files provided with MDFF TUTORIAL? Are> they in the VMD install directory? But I can not find them in the VMD> directory in my computer. Or are they available for download somewhere?> Thanks!Yeping Sun> Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences-- *******************************************Fotis A. BaltoumasMsc Student, Bioinformatics Postgraduate Programme,Phd Candidate, BioinformaticsDepartment of Cell Biology and BiophysicsFaculty of Biology, University of AthensPanepistimiopolis, Athens 157 01, GREECE --------------------------------------email : fbaltoumas_at_biol.uoa.grhttp://biophysics.biol.uoa.gr*******************************************