From: Mohan maruthi sena (
Date: Sat Mar 28 2015 - 22:37:04 CDT

Dear all,
              My system contains two sheet of molecules. I want to select
one sheet and translate it to a distance of 10 angstorms and then invert
(flip) it. I have written following tcl script,

set sel [atomselect top z>14.0] # this selects the top sheet
$sel moveby {0 0 10} # this translates the top sheet to 10 angstorms
set M [ transaxis y 180] # just flips the top sheet
$sel move $M

The output of this script shows that the top sheet is flipped but it
altogether goes to a new position. My question is how to make the top sheet
flipped at the same positon [ after translating to the distance of ten

Thanks in advance for a reply,
K. Mohan