From: Majid Shahbabaei (
Date: Thu Feb 05 2015 - 05:32:16 CST

Dear all,

I already installed the vmd 1.9.1 on ubuntu 12.04. Now I would like to
install the vmd 1.9.2. I used the following commands to uninstall the 1.9.1.
1. $ /usr/local/bin
2. rm VMD

I installed the vmd 1.9.2 by the following commands
1. untar vmd1.9.2-linuxamd64-opengl.tar.gz
2. su
3. ./configure LINUX
4. exit
5. cd src
6. sudo make install

After that I evoked vmd, surprisingly found that the vmd 1.9.1 is opened.

I would be appreciated if anybody help me to figure it out.

Thanks in advance