From: Daniel Möller (
Date: Mon Feb 02 2015 - 05:29:17 CST

Hi mailing group,

I'm asking you if there's interest in this features or already a workaround:

In some presentation of other groups I've seen features (I think from
PyMol), I'd like to have in VMD too, but I don't know if they're possible or
already implemented or planned.
First a transparent background instead of a real colour for the rendered
pictures (and maybe gifs).
Second a two colour scheme for visualisation like New Cartoon, so one side
has one colour and the other side the second, so you have a better
"3D-feeling" (along with the already implanted features like shadow, ambient
occlusion and so on).

And the last one is a little bit more tricky (or maybe some other groups
already have this): a better solution for a "morph"/moving effect, when you
just have some final positions but no steps between.
For a better representation it would looks better with some steps between,
that are really possible like torsions, rotations, translations of the whole
and/or parts of the start structure to get to the finish structure (and no
moving of the atoms in straight lines, for example through other not moving
parts). I think you need some minimisations steps for this, but It's just a
swift idea.


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