From: St. John, Alexander V. (MU-Student) (
Date: Wed Jan 07 2015 - 16:34:53 CST


I would like to use TclOO (object-orientation implemented in 8.6) in combination with the Tcl commands provided by VMD.

I've installed VMD 1.9.2, and it has TkCon 2.3 operating with TclTk 8.5.6.

A previous post had mentioned that VMD 1.9.2 is able to communicate with TclTk 8.6, but how does one implement TclTk 8.6?

A few ideas that I've been researching:

Can I get VMD to recognize it if I manually put the TclTk 8.6 .dll files, etc., into the appropriate directories?

Does one update the plugins in VMD (ie: vmdtkcon1.1)?

I have source files for TkCon 2.5 as a standalone shell, which has TclTk 8.6 built-in, but can VMD connect to this?

I also have the ActiveTcl (standalone) installed, but the same issues stand as for TkCon 2.5.

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