From: Ashar Malik (
Date: Wed Dec 10 2014 - 00:17:59 CST

Hey there,

The question is a little vague - do you want to save the frames i.e. as
separate PDB files or do you want split your trajectory into fragments
holding the above breakdown?

>From your post it appears you want to split the larger trajectory into
smaller ones (i think), for that you should look at CatDCD here:


On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 6:25 PM, Seera Suryanarayana <>

> Dear VMD users
> I Have simulated one protein for 50ns and I got 5000 frames as I saved
> every frame after 10ps. I would like to save frames numbers as upto 500,
> 500-1000, 1000-2000, 2000-3000, and 3000-5000. I have been tried but I
> could not do it properly. Kindly guide me how to do it?
> Thanks in Advance
> Surya
> Graduate student
> India