From: Norman Geist (
Date: Wed Oct 29 2014 - 04:10:16 CDT



seems I encountered two bugs:


1. The Tachyon-Optix renderer fails unrecoverable when all
representations are disabled and also the axis, so in fact there's nothing
to render.

It might sound a stupid idea to render _nothing_ in the 1st place, but can
IMHO happen when doing user defined animated movies, at least

it shouldn't crash.

2. Tachyon Optix doesn't correctly render msms wireframes compared to
the traditional Tachyon.

3. Saving coordinates in background seems to not be functional, only
an empty file is created. (Tested from the the GUI only)

4. This one might be unavoidable, but VMD seems to have all
representations in VRAM, also if they are disabled, this makes

it hard to use Tachyon-Optix for complex video animations as there's not
enough VRAM left.


Norman Geist


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