From: David Muramatsu (
Date: Fri Sep 12 2014 - 04:46:39 CDT

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I tried to compile vmd using the src version on Ubuntu 14.04. I compiled
the plugins and ran

$export PLUGINDIR=~/vmd-1.9.1/plugins
$make distrib

in the ~/plugins directory. Then I ran

$make linux.cuda.opengl

in the vmd-1.9.1 directory and make in the /src/ directory. That yealded
the output

Compiling OpenGLCache.C --> OpenGLCache.o ...
Compiling IMDMgr.C --> IMDMgr.o ...
Compiling IMDSim.C --> IMDSim.o ...
Compiling IMDSimThread.C --> IMDSimThread.o ...
Compiling CmdIMD.C --> CmdIMD.o ...
Compiling imd.C --> imd.o ...
Compiling LibTachyonDisplayDevice.C --> LibTachyonDisplayDevice.o ...
In file included from LibTachyonDisplayDevice.C:27:0:
LibTachyonDisplayDevice.h:28:58: fatal error: tachyon.h: No such file or
#include "tachyon.h" // main Tachyon library header
compilation terminated.
make: *** [LibTachyonDisplayDevice.o] Error 1

I tried to replace the ~vmd-1.9.1/lib/tachyon/ directory with a softlink to
the /usr/include/tachyon/ directory which yealded the same result. What am
I doing wrong? I would be very grateful for help here.

Kind regards,

David Muramatsu