From: John Grime (
Date: Wed Aug 27 2014 - 12:39:50 CDT

Apologies all, my last email seems to get munched up somehow.

Iím trying to use the 64-bit VMD with Mac OS 10.9.4, and Iím getting immediate crashes on VMD startup (I downloaded the VMD binary rather than building it from source).

As this has been mentioned previously on the mailing list, I tried to make sure that:

1. I installed VMD into the Applications directory, rather than trying to run it from the disk image.
2. I tried running VMD through Launchpad, running by double-clicking on the VMD icon in Application, and running through the terminal.

I have pasted some example output from the terminal at the end of the email--_000_C40B9E4A763A42979A3B806DBDCDAB09uchicagoedu_--