From: Norman Geist (
Date: Mon Jun 30 2014 - 00:19:07 CDT

set all [atomselect top „all“]

set resids [lsort –unique [$all get resid]]

$all delete


foreach resid $resids {

                puts “Now operating on resid $resid!”

                set sel [atomselect top “resid $resid”]


                #[…] do something with $sel


                $sel delete; #prevent memory leak



Norman Geist.


Von: [] Im Auftrag von sunyeping
Gesendet: Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014 04:45
An: vmd-l
Betreff: vmd-l: select all residues in a molecule


Dear all,


Could you tell me how to select all residues in a molecule in VMD so that I can operate them one by one?


Yeping Sun



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