Date: Fri Feb 20 2004 - 13:55:41 CST

I have a ppc linux (gentoo) system set up.
The binary installation fails silently. It configure's
and make install's, but when I run vmd it simply returns with
a 0 error code, after a transitory window popping up.
>From the list of test systems, it appears that the LINUXPPC configuration
isn't actually supported, maybe just cross-compiled.

So I tried to compile from the source myself. Is there a repository
with the required libraries? Several of them are no longer in the locations
pointed to by the installation document. The developers must have some
source tree they build from, with everything in the right place and a top-level
build that they can re-create. Where would this be? Apple G4's and G5's
are fairly popular as linux platforms nowadays, and a working build would
be appreciated; with a usable/complete tree, I can throw one together.

On a side note, the Mac OSX build does not appear to run under 10.1.
Release notes don't specify which versions are required.

Alex Peyser

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