From: Vasumathi Velachi (
Date: Thu Jun 12 2014 - 11:33:04 CDT

Dear All
I have used the point flag to store the samples into a variable and
used the draw command to view the points.
Please find the script which i used for the above
set pro [atomselect top "protein"]
set lys [atomselect top "resname LYS"]
set sasa [measure sasa 1.4 $pro -points pts -restrict $lys]
puts "The SASA is $sasa"
foreach pt $pts {
draw point $pt

I used the following command to execute the above script
vmd -dispdev text filename.pdb -e sasa.tcl
  It prints the sasa value but not showing any plot to see the area.
Did I missed anything?

Thanking you in advance

Vasumathi Velachi