From: Carlos Simmerling (
Date: Wed Apr 09 2014 - 10:31:51 CDT

hi all,
I'm having trouble making a movie in VMD. I've done this many times in the
past, but not since I upgraded to 1.9.1. I also upgraded some of my
hardware recently, so not sure which has caused this. I'm running windows 7
home premium on a quadro fx5800.

The issue is that all of my visualization works fine, but when I try to use
the movie maker (snapshot mode) it runs but produces incorrect output. it
performs the operation (either rotate or traj), and appears to be making
snapshots. I can see the molecule move, but after every step it also
redraws the image like it was right when I started the movie. In other
words, it moves forward, then back to the start, then to the next frame of
the rotation or traj, then back to the start, then advances again, and so
on. The actual image files saved to disk are all identical, and are all the
original view. When I'm not making the movie things work fine and the
dynamics are shown fine. It's only in the movie where it seems to draw the
right frame, then snap back to the original one, which gets written to disk.

any ideas?