From: saeed (
Date: Wed Mar 05 2014 - 09:52:59 CST

Dear experts.

Recently I have tried to compile VMD on windows64bit.

In this procedure I have successfully compiled the TCL.
Then I have successfully compiled the plugins and make a distribution of
them in the VMD source folder.
I have changed the compiler flags in the makefile in the src folder of VMD
so the codes can be compiled using the MSVC compiler (cl.exe)
I also added the <windows.h> to the vmd.C
after that I used the MSVC linker (link.exe) to link all the libraries.
I have attached a copy of makefile to this mail.
all of the compiling steps go without error.
after issuing the command "make install"
every thing goes smoothly and the program is installed.
However there is no executable in the folder to run VMD.

I would be glad if anyone could give me some hints on how to create vmd
executable on windows platform.

M.S. Talaei

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