From: Villalain Boullon, Jose (
Date: Wed Jan 29 2014 - 12:46:18 CST

Dear all,


I have been trying to load a DCD file (about 3.5 Gb) using VMD but VMD always crashes when it is loading something like 2-3000 steps. My PC runs Windows 8.1, i7, 16Gb of memory and a NVIDIA graphics card with 2Gb, so I do not think it is hardware but software. As it was commented before, it might be due to VMD being 32 bit (it seems that it does not happen using Linux) and therefore I will have to try and use the bigdcd script if I continue using Windows. Because of that, I would like to ask some questions: Is there any chance that VMD will be compiled for 64 bit in the next future ?. If not, would it be better to use Linux instead of Windows to work with VMD?. In this case, is there any Linux distribution which is better suited to work with VMD or it really does not matter?.


Thanks a lot.

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