From: Mehdi Bakhshi (
Date: Sat Nov 16 2013 - 23:37:46 CST

I'm trying to make a hexagonal prism of Si3N4 using inorganic builder in
vmd following the same steps described here:
I want to make a similar nanopore to what these guys do, however everything
is bigger, my prism length is 50 nm (instead of 10 nm for them) and has a
diameter of 25 nm (instead of 9nm for them). I can build the structure
successfully with more than 2million atoms with no errors, but when I try
to add bonds using "inorganicBuilder::buildSpecificBonds $box {{SI N 1.9}}
{true true false} top"
i get a "segmentation fault" error. is this because vmd can't handle this
big system or is it because I run out of memory on my machine?

Any ideas are appreciated.